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Life Care Plan


Life Care Plan


 The Life Care Plan is a dynamic document based upon published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis and research, which provides an organized, concise plan for current and future needs with associated cost for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs. 

They are written for catastrophic injuries or chronic health care needs meaning an injury that has significantly altered a current or future lifestyle, the ability to perform self-care tasks and the tasks of daily living, as well as the ability to support oneself or one's family. These types of injuries or illnesses can include:


What conditions call for a LCP?


Spinal Cord Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Anoxic Brain Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Neonatal and Pediatric Injuries
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  


Life Care Planner


Vital Health Links’ Life Care Planner was certified in 2006. She is available for testimony.

 She has presented about Life Care Planning and belongs to the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and International Academy of Life Care Planners. 

She is also available to critique on the opposing counsel's Life Care Plan for you and hold it to our own guidelines for reasonableness, accuracy, and need.

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